I got a grayling measuring almost 50 centimetres on a size 12 black ant. It was released after one of my friend took this picture. Our fishing club, from Holland, has visited the Glomma during the period of sept. 9/14 We fished mostly in the Stor Elvdal region. 75 kilometers of beautifull river for 150 NKR is unbelievable ! Hope this will remain for the future. All of the 17 members caught fish. Mostly grayling, some up to 1 kg, and a small number of smaller trouts.There were highly experts and bright newcommers in our group but together we managed to catch about 1.000 fishes in 6 days. This means 10 fishes/day/person. As you can understand, this, together with the beautifull wheather those days, was a great result. By using barbless hooks and catch release we hope to have shown respect for the beautiful Glomma river and her fish. We actually used two succesfull methods of fishing. The Tjech Nymph technique and dry fly fishing with ants, small brown sedges, superpuppan and klinkhamers.

We will come back !!

Erik van den Hoek

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