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The CD-ROM-edition of the GLOMMAGUIDE

On the CD-ROM-edition of the GLOMMAGUIDE, you will find the same information as in the book, but also:

About 400 detailed areal areal photographs. Many of the photographs are so detailed that you can often see stones on the river-bottom.

Pictures taken from a boat or from the shore where a road enters the river.

Pictures of hotels/motels/cabins for hire.

With the help of the maps and photographs found on the CD-ROM, you can sit in your home and ”read the waters” of the rivers Glomma and Rena. If you know what kind of water you will fish and you have done your ”homework” properly, you can guide yourself on the rivers Glomma and Rena. The photographs can be printed and used in combination with the book-edition of the GLOMMAGUIDE. The maps on the CD-ROM are not printable. The text is in Norwegian
and English.

The CD-ROM edition of the GLOMMAGUIDE will be available in 2000.