The unique maps contain the most valuable and interesting information in the GLOMMAGUIDE.

This little section of one of the maps is interactive in the same way as the maps found on the coming CD-ROM:

 Kart_8_2.JPG (42585 bytes)

The quality of the little map is bad. It has been made for this
Internet-presentation only.

You can also see a map in the quality found on the CD-ROM. Please follow
the instructions (It will take a few minutes to download). This map is
not interactive. Download the map in PDF-format

To wiew the map in PDF-format, you need too have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader now!

The maps in the book-edition of the GLOMMAGUIDE is printed in black and
blue. The maps found on the CD-ROM are in colour.