How to order the Glommaguide
This guide (Book edition and CD-ROM) can be ordered directly from me. The
price is NOK 340 for the book and NOK 350 for the CD-ROM + actual postage
and cost of envelope.

Payment must follow your order.

You can pay by cheque drawn on a Norwegian bank, or by using my postal
bank account: 
Account number: 0532 2268639 

or by sending the amount in NOK or EURO cash in a letter. I will send you an
e-mail when I have received your letter:

EURO cash in a letter for the book:
EURO 55:
Book (EUR36), exchange fee (EUR 10) and postage/envelope (EUR 9)

EURO cash in a letter for the CD-ROM:
EURO 50:
CD-ROM (EUR 36), exchange fee (EUR 10), postage/envelope (EUR 4)

You will receive the guide by post as soon as I receive your your payment.

Prices, Europe: Book edition sent by air mail, postage included: NOK 444.00
340 (book) + 100 (postage) + 4 (Envelope)

Price for the CD-ROM, sent by airmail, postage included: NOK 429
350 (CD-ROM) + 75 (postage) + 4 (Envelope)

IBAN number: NO0305322268639
Adress: Postbanken, Stranden 21, N-9921 Oslo, Norway